Who is The Virtuous Wife?

Hello! I'm Amanda! I'm 30 years old, married to Justin for almost 8 years (we were engaged after only 6 days after we met for the first time) and we have two daughters and we live in Louisiana! I'm a stay-at-home mom but I like to tell people I'm a "professional homemaker." I'm a cook/baker/cake decorator. I do the freezer cooking technique, home-preserving/canning, couponing, making anything I can make from scratch, and early homeschooling my two girls. I also make baby clothes quilts and dresses.

I'm a college educated woman who runs several businesses out of my home, with my husband. We are technology specialists and repair and build computers, network systems, and pretty much anything else that plugs into a wall. We enjoy Science-Fiction and have to watch a Star Trek before bed every night.

As a child, I was a dancer and state-champion pianist. I also played the clarinet, bass clarinet, and contra-bass clarinet.

I've traveled the world, having been to 13 countries currently and plan on traveling more as my children get older.

I've always wanted to be a wife and mother and feel that it was my calling in life to care for my family. Could I go on to be a successful career woman? Absolutely, I have the work ethic and skill set to be anything I want. But life isn't about having what you want, it's wanting what you have. The only thing of importance to me is my family, not a big paycheck. Although, as a work-from-home mom, I do bring in enough money to pay our bills, for which I thank Jesus for allowing me to do what I love and make a living doing it! 

I'm a Christian. I have been for about 8 years. I was always agnostic before I met my husband, but God used him to change me. I have a very intense testimony on how I became a Christian, you can read that HERE.

A little back-story for some perspective:

I was born in 1983. I'm the only girl out of my mother's four children. 

My biological father left my mom when I was 6 years old. I remember the day he walked out. I was playing on the floor in the living room, my mom was on the couch, feeding my infant brother. I remember him walking towards the door with his suitcase in hand. I knew, even as a kid, that he wasn't coming back. I ran to him, wrapped my arms around his legs, sat on his feet...crying "Daddy!", begging him not to leave. He hobbled towards the door, dragging me along with him. He stopped, shook me off his leg, and left...slamming the door in my face. It was a traumatic moment in my life. A moment that would require lots of therapy as a kid to overcome. It's actually something I've never gotten over, completely. 

My mom was now a single mother to four kids. She had no job, no money, and no where to live. We moved in with a friend of hers for a while, so she could find a job and get back on her feet. We slept in a room together- and to tell you the truth, I don't remember it. I should have memories of the years after my dad left, but I seemed to have blocked them out.

My mom got a job as a secretary for a large oil company. She made enough for us to move out of her friend's house, and into a rent house. I remember thinking how HUGE that rent house was, yet it was only 700 or 800 square feet. 

Not long after we moved in, my mother went to the doctor to get a lump she found in her breast checked. She had been breast feeding my little brother, so the doctors told her it was milk clot. They gave her directions on how to relieve it and sent her home. Months passed...the lump had only gotten larger. She went to Houston for a biopsy (something the local doctors should have done the FIRST time she went in). 

She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The lump was now the size of an egg. Chemo treatments started right away. She did very well in keeping the details from us. I don't really remember knowing she was sick. I do remember walking in on her in her room, once. I opened the door, and she was standing at her dresser mirror. She was bald and about to put on her wig. It shocked me. I just closed the door and walked away.

She battled the cancer for a few years. She nearly died several times. Again, I had no idea this was happening. She sheltered us from it so I only remember a happy childhood during those times. I remember our church family bringing food to us, babysitting us when my mom had to go to get treatments. I'm so happy to tell you that she beat the cancer. She has been cancer free for over 20 years now.

In 1992, when I was 9 years old, my mother met a man named Marty. He had been in the Army most of his life. They began dating and the moment came for him to meet us. 

Now, for Marty, this is a big deal. He was 45 years old and had never been married. He had no children of his own. To be dating a woman who just had cancer AND then to meet her FOUR kids...well, most men might see this as too much baggage. 

He likes to say "I picked him" because I walked up to him and immediately sat and started talking to him. He showed me card tricks, told me jokes, I thought he was great. I was so shy as a kid after my experience with my biological dad...I was hesitant around men. He says he knew when he met me, that he had to stick around for us.

He gave us our first GREAT Christmas in years. We had a tree, decorations, we even had PRESENTS! We were so poor after medical bills that we had to sacrifice a lot to just stay afloat. At this point, my memories are clear. He saved us, my whole family. My mom was happy again, and so was I. I'd lay my head down at night and find presents under my pillow. Treats in my backpack, cards and candy hidden in my room. He brought me flowers on my birthdays. He really showed me that there WERE good guys out there, and not ALL men were just waiting to abandon me. He and my mom were married in 1995.

A few weeks before I turned 18, Marty adopted me and my little brother. I can now say he's my father...my biological father's name is gone from my birth certificate. Why did I wait so long to get adopted? Well, I always hoped my biological dad would step up and do the right thing...I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I heard the day he got served the adoption papers, he signed us away without hesitation and was happy he no longer had to pay child support. That was my answer.

I'm now almost 30. Marty is still the BEST dad I've ever  known. My mom? She managed to climb her way up the corporate ladder and she is now a Custom's Broker. She travels the world consulting with companies and is one of only a handful of women in the WORLD that do what she does. She went back to school a few years ago and got her degree. She lives in a 4000 square foot house with Marty, has a vacation home in Florida, and has been to countless countries, checking off her life's bucket list one by one. I even manage to hitch a ride with her occasionally. 

She's such a strong woman and an inspiration to me. My best friend.

Marty changed my life...our life. If it wasn't for him, I may have settled on marrying the type of man my biological dad was. I am sure that Marty is the reason I have such an amazing husband now. They say you marry a man like your dad...I married one like Marty. And he's everything I could ever wish for in a husband.