Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Free yourself from Cable!

OK Let us be honest here, no one likes huge monthly bills, especially knowing you can find your favorite content online for a fraction of the price. So, how do you cut the cables? There are several ways to still watch your favorite shows and entertain the family. First you can buy a digital antenna that will pick up many local channels for local news and of course: FOOTBALL!!

Then there are the oh so popular options of purchasing a streaming player. This little magical boxes/devices can stream your favorite shows and/or movies from your wireless internet. Yes, you read that right, you must have wireless internet. These boxes partner with many companies to live stream many TV shows and even movies. Amazon sells many streaming boxes such as Apple TV (around $100, Roku (around $40), and is now taking pre orders fore their new Fire Stick HERE for only $19 (deal ends TODAY).

Today is the LAST day to get it for $19!!! Yes under $20 gets you live streaming entertainment straight to your TV and FREE Amazon Prime for 30 days. You can finally cut those cables!! So what are you waiting for?!? 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Buddy Burner Outdoor Cooking

There is nothing like the great outdoors, especially when you are camping.  Here is a clever and easy way to cook outdoors with supplies you probably have lying around the house.

What you need: 
    - 1 large empty clean can, gallon size 
    - 1 empty, cleaned tuna can 
    - cardboard strips, just wider than the height of the tuna can 
    - church key can opener, the ones used for cans of juice (makes triangle openings) 
    - good scissors
    - paraffin wax or unscented candles - melted


    1. With tin snips, cut door in can on open end. 
    2. With church key can opener, punch vent holes along the top of can 
    3. Spiral cardboard strips into tuna can 
    4. Pour melted wax into tuna can

Light the cardboard from the center and wait until the candle has a good fire.

Find a cutie and let them help you cook outdoors. We cooked cheeseburgers. However we have done pancakes with this method as well. 

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm.

Blessings ~ Chrissy

Friday, October 17, 2014

Easy Do It Yourself 3 Ingredient Cookie Cake

Oh wow just thinking about one of those big colorful cookie cakes from that "Patriotic Cookie Cake" store gets my mouth watering every single time! But as you know their yummy cakes can cost $35-$40. Now with this recipe you can DO IT YOURSELF.
So avoid the mall and make an amazing oh so yummy cooke cake at home!
It is SO easy and only 3 Ingredients.
DIY 3 Ingredient Cookie Cake (Makes 2 Cakes):
2 tubes of Chocolate Chip cookie dough
1/4 cup of Light Corn Syrup
Cooking Spray
2 x 16'' Pizza Pans
Prepare both pans with non-stick cooking spray.
Pre-heat oven to 350* F.
Measure out Corn Syrup and break up the 2 tubes of cookie dough.

In a large mixing bowl mix corn syrup and cookie dough throughly.

Divide mix in half or leave whole, for super thick cookie cake, and spread into pizza pans evenly.

Once again this recip can be divided into 2 cakes, or if your pan is deep enough, you can make one thick cookie cake (cooking time may vary).

Cook your home-made DIY cookie cake for 12-15 min or until toothpick is inserted and comes out clean.


Blessings ~ Chrissy