Kitchen Organization Tips

I've been blessed with a handy husband. He can pretty much do anything. So when I mentioned that I was needing a few things done in my kitchen to make my life easier, he was right there to help. Here are a few things he came up with.

First, my knives. They are professional knives and I used to keep them in wooden boxes. But I wanted to be able to grab and chop. They were too big to fit in a knife block so he made me this:

A magnetic knife holder. He just took a piece of wood, drilled 3 holes halfway into it, glued some computer harddrive magnets in it (he's a computer tech by trade), and screwed that piece of wood onto a second, larger piece of wood. He added a few large screws to hold my trivets, as well. It was also handy for my magnetic measuring spoons.

My number one issue in my kitchen was the lids to my pots and pans. I was constantly digging around in my cabinet for the right lid. I told him I needed a way to organized them and he came up with this:

He put large screws in the doors of my cabinet (not doing all the way through), clipped a binder clip to each lid, and hung them from the screws. He had to measure to make sure I could still close the door and the lids wouldn't hit the shelf but it works great!

Speaking of kitchen organization...I don't know how it happened...

...I'm usually very good at keeping my pantry organized...

...but this was awful!! did I let my pantry get so cluttered? I had stuff crammed in there. I couldn't find anything. I could barely get to the things I could see, much less the stuff I couldn't see! After the kids went to bed, I got cleaning...

Ahhhhh. So much better. Now I can see what I have (which is a lot of sugar, flour, and Crisco, apparently).

I guess I better get baking. =)


toots said…
Love the binder clip idea! Gonna measure and get the screws out...inside of the doors will no longer be wasted space! Thanks!
love the clips for the lids of pans too! Great idea!

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