A new way to shop for groceries.

Thanks you for everyone who has been following my cooking tutorial blog! I'm blessed that I'm able to do what I love and help people in the process. Please check back every Tuesday for a new recipe and picture tutorial!

On a food related topic. My husband and I sat down finally and made a real budget. With two kids and a 13 year old car, we needed to start putting away in case my car blows up or something. Grocery was the only part of the budget that I think I could make a difference in. So I made a resolution to start buying groceries a new way.

I've decided to only buy groceries that are on sale or that I have a coupon for, or both! I started getting my coupon stash together, I'm saving the circulars from the paper, planning meals based on what's on sale, and even going to multiple stores to maximize my savings. I usually just go down every aisle in the store and just grabbing whatever is on my list with no real concern with how much it is. From now on, if it's not on sale and I don't have a coupon for it, it's staying on the shelf. Of course, things we NEED, like baby formula and stuff are excluded.

Tonight was Market Basket. I went for the chicken drumsticks that were 99 cents a pound, and ended up matching up my coupons with their sales that weren't in the circulars.

Total before discounts and coupons was 130 dollars. After store discounts and my doubled and stacked coupons...70 dollars! With 70 dollars I got: granola bars, Blue Bell icecream, coffee, turkey hotdogs, yogurt, V8 juice, spaghetti sauce, cans of veggies, carrots, bread, coffee creamer, chicken drumsticks, and a few other things. Not too shabby! I'm excited to shop Kroger's tomorrow and see how I do there!


NicoleGuiliano said…
I have started using coupons too since I have been a SAHM! If you haven't already, check out livingrichwithcoupons.com It's an awesome site!
Sweet! Thank you! I'm still learning the whole coupon skill. I love to save money, I just don't want to come home with 41 mustard bottles! =)
I truly need help learning how to maximize my coupons . please help!!

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