Kroger Coupon Trip (June 10, 2011)

I went to Kroger's today with my coupon binder in tow. We just got home from a vacation in Destin, Florida and were in desperate need of some groceries. So, I loaded up in my new Honda Pilot, list in hand. 

Baseline stats on my trip. 310 dollars was the grand total for everything before my Kroger card and coupons. Also consider that I bought a bottle of wine and a refill pack of baby formula (that's 40 bucks right there). But EVERYTHING you see was either on sale or I had a coupon...most was both (on sale AND coupon). I paid 208 dollars for every thing. That's 100 dollars saved with mark-downs and coupons.

Here's the breakdown of some of the great deals I got:

Yoplait yogurt- 10 cups, .37 cents each after sales/coupons.

 V8 fusion juices- 1.50 each after sales/coupons.

Cajun Injector marinades- 2 dollars each after sales/coupons.

Suddenly Salad- all free after sales/coupons.

Knorr pasta sides- all free after sales/coupons.

Reese's Puffs cereal- 1.50 each after sales/coupons.

8 boxes of Ronzoni pasta- all free after sales/coupons.

Strawberries- 1.40 after sales/coupons.

Ziploc containers- 1.40 each after sales/coupons.

Suave deodorant- .50 cents each after sales/coupons.

Suave shampoo/conditioner- .50 cents each after sales/coupons.

Shaving cream- 1.00 each after sales/coupons.

Degree deodorant- 1.00 each after sales/coupons.

Gilette deodorant- 1.25 each after sales/coupons.

Speed Stick deodorant- .50 cents each after sales/coupons.

I would also like to point out that you CAN get coupons for healthy items, not just junk that they buy on the Extreme Couponing show. I have a binder full of organic item coupons, produce, whole wheat products, and dairy. Yes, coupons take a lot of time to organize but it's worth it. Even if you only use coupons for toiletries and household cleaners, the money you save can go towards buying healthy, organic food. I saved 400 dollars with coupons last month. Buying what I'd buy anyway. I just collected the coupons and matched them with store sales for maximum savings. I like to think of myself as an Extreme-ly Reasonable couponer.


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