A few favorite freezer recipes...

Here's a few easy recipes to get started with Freezer Cooking!

Turkey Ranch Burgers

1lb ground turkey, one 1oz pack of Ranch dip seasoning, and 1 egg. Combine the ingredients and shape into patties. Place on wax paper lined baking sheet and "flash freeze." Once they are frozen, peel them off the wax paper and put them in a labeled Ziploc freezer bag. Then to cook, you can either allow them to thaw on a baking dish and bake them, or cook them in a skillet (I throw them in frozen and they thaw as they cook).

Beef Enchiladas

Another staple in my freezer is my Enchiladas. The recipe and tutorial can be found here. The recipe makes one 9X13 dish of enchiladas. My family eats half of that in one sitting and the rest goes in the fridge for leftovers. So instead, I separate the recipe into two 8X8 baking dishes. I also double the recipe which makes 4 separate 8X8 dishes of enchiladas.

Two recipes equals 4 dinners! You can use the tinfoil baking pans or do the enchilada ice-cube trick of lining your glass dishes with tinfoil and saran wrap, assemble the enchiladas, and freeze. Once frozen, pop the enchilada's out of the dish, and cover with tinfoil and seal in labeled freezer bags. Since these are fully cooked when you freeze them, cooking them is just a matter of reheating. You can either let them thaw overnight in the fridge and bake as normal or put them in the oven frozen and just up the time to 1 hour and 20 minutes. Once the sauce is bubbly and cheese is melted, they are done.


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