Garage Sale finds and Locusts

My husband and I have an arrangement. We alternate Saturday mornings to hit the local garage sales. Today was my Saturday to go and I was pretty excited with my purchase. I bought a sewing box full of thread/needles and other sewing notions for 3 dollars!

A pretty decent purchase. A lot of the notions will probably get thrown away because they are so old, but I am definitely keeping more than 3 bucks worth of stuff.

 Yes, the Dirt Dauber nest was free!!

Speaking of bugs...June was introduced to a locust shell today. We called it the locust's "suit" and we pointed out all the parts. She walked around with it and would hang it on the curtains or our shirts and say "It's not real, it's just a suit!"

I'm one step closer to getting this "Baby's First Year" memory quilt done. I've cut the squares, designed the layout, sewed the squares into rows, and sewed the rows together. I just need to border it, embroider the name and date of birth, and back it. I'm doing my "kissy face" in the picture. Don't pretend you aren't intimidated! Rawr!


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