Here I am to Worship

So today is Sunday and Justin and I went to church! I'll be the first to admit that since having kids I've been playing hookey from church. It seems every time we go as a family, the girls catch something from the nursery and I spend weeks with two sick kids. I'm sure it's because they are home with me and don't go to daycare and therefore don't have a strong resiliency to viruses. But since they are so little and can't totally benefit from the Sunday School yet, it was SO MUCH EASIER to just stay home and watch a sermon on TV and do a family Bible study.

We have switched churches several times in 3 years. We left our first church because the preacher was called to another church. So, we went to one 40 minutes away to our FAVORITE preacher of all time. But the drive was starting to deter us from going every Sunday. Which is a problem. So we started going to one closer to home but we didn't feel like we belonged there. So when we heard that our old church found a new preacher (after a few years of being without) we were excited! Grandma's house was right down the road from it, so we could drop the girls off and go to church by ourselves without worrying about them!

So, we went and it was so nice to see everyone after we had been gone for so long. A warm welcome-back! The music was great and the Holy Spirit was moving though the church! During the song "Here I am to Worship" the whole church broke into tears and it was extremely moving to be a part of. I just love those days! The preacher was great and the sermon was JUST what I needed to hear.

It was about patience and trusting God. The preacher also talked about how we give the Devil too much credit and too much attention. And it's true!! We talk more about what the devil IS doing in the world and not enough about what God CAN do! I hate all the negativity and I try not to read or watch the news. Knowing how strangers around the world killed or abused children or other people does not offer any benefit in my life. Instead of taking in all the bad news I just read news websites dedicated to uplifting people not tearing down spirits. Like Amazing News!

What do you do to stay uplifted and positive? Are you giving the devil too much credit?


Marci said…
Great post Amanda! Good to hear, and you are not the only one who plays hookey. :( I don't like going to church without my hubster, so I often skip when he is working the weekends.
Rebeca911 said…
I feel the same way! I have 3 kids and the the two youngest are 2 years old and 8 months old so its very diffficult to get them all ready and packed to go to church. I feel all is wonderful in my life with a great husband and kids but their is just one thing missing and that is not going to church and taking time for God. I was brought up in church and have the need to bring up my kids as well knowing God. I just feel the guilt everytime after I make 20 million excuses to not go to church. This is my 2nd day looking at your page and reading your post, Love it so far. keep up the good work.
We don't put them in Sunday School so we try to do as much as we can at home with them. June just turned three and I do a daily Bible Study with her using a workbook geared towards kids 2-5 years old. She likes hearing the story, answer the questions as best as she can, and doing the correlating activity that day. We have allotted TV time and when the TV is off, the Christian music is on. I only play Christian music in the car, and we have a family prayer time every night. I also try to instill biblical lessons everyday. We volunteer and have little traditions we do to be more like Jesus; like buying roses at the grocery store every time we go and letting her pick someone in the parking lot to give it to.
does your church offer other cfhildren's ministry's activities during the week? I tell you that the friends they make and lessons they learn from their church family last a lifetime. maybe one Sunday you can volunteer to work the daycare at church and. see what it is that they are doing wrong and making the kids sick. Then give your suggestions. There is nothing better than a family worshipping together!! The song you mentioned pierces my heart every time I hear it
Dana said…
I have unfortunately been burned by church families that I love many times. It is so unfortunate that many christians deter people from coming to church. They get caught up in the money issues, gossip about private matters and so forth. So I have not gone to a church in 8 years. Instead my husband and I do our own bible studies our devotionals are from intouch ministries by dr. charles stanley. He is wonderful. If any of you are struggling with church issues just remember that even if the church doesn't behave the way they should God didn't do anything wrong and you can still have a deep loving relationship and surround yourself with people of like mind. I don't think church has to be a building. Its about helping those in need, lifting our voices to heaven and loving our God who loves us even when we don't deserve it. Our God is an awesome God!! Thanks for your site amanda!

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