Homemade Greek Yogurt and Cream Cheese!

Now that you've mastered the "homemade yogurt" thing, you are ready to turn that into Greek Yogurt and/or Cream Cheese! Well, technically, "Yogurt Cheese" but basically the same thing. Remember to SAVE THE WHEY (the liquid that drains of the yogurt)! Pour it into a jar or container and refrigerate for up to 3 months in the fridge. There are all kinds of things to do with they whey!

Homemade Greek Yogurt

Line a colander with a dish towel (that's what I use) or double cheese cloth. Set the colander over a bowl.

 Pour some plain yogurt into the lined colander. Set in fridge and let drain 3-4 hours or on the counter for 1-2 hours (then refrigerate the yogurt).

The next morning, you should have Greek Yogurt! Nice and thick! If it's still a little too thin for your taste, change out the cheesecloth, drain the bowl, and let it the yogurt drain a little longer.

Homemade Cream Cheese

Line your colander with a dish towel and put over a bowl. Spoon your Greek yogurt into the towel and fold the towel over on top. Let drain in the fridge overnight. 

The next morning, you will have cream cheese! Flavor it however you want! Sugar and fruit or chives and spices. Yum!


Anonymous said…
That simple?? Cool!
And what do you do with all the whey? It's one of the most nutritious things on earth (the whey proteins are), so it'd be nice if you could re-use it in something... Any ideas?
- Ptite
You can use it in breads and muffins in place of milk or buttermilk. And pancakes and biscuits, too! You can thicken cream soups with it and I've read you can make ricotta cheese with leftover whey.
Unknown said…
I was wondering about using it to make ricotta. Got a tutorial for that?
Not yet! But a Ricotta tutorial and a Mozzarella Cheese tutorial are on my list of things to try! Maybe I'll do that next week! I do have some lasagna to make for my freezer cooking and I do need Ricotta for that!
Unknown said…
That would be great! My next task is to try this with lactose-free milk.
Deb Muller said…
How long will the cream cheese last after you make it?
Cream Cheese will last 2-3 weeks.
Talia said…
What is the liquid that drains from the yogurt, and is there anything you can make with it? Seems a little wasteful to pour it down the drain.
Talia said…
Never mind, just answered my question. :)
Anonymous said…
The liquid that you pour down the drain is called whey and you can drink it
Anonymous said…
You could put the whey in a smoothie!
Gillianlf said…
You can also use the whey for lacto-fermented drinks or pickled veggies.

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