Homemade Yogurt with Machine

So I received my yogurt maker yesterday and I was shaking with excitement as I brought the box into the house. I washed the jars and immediately got to work on my first batch.

This is what it looks like. It makes seven individual cups of yogurt and I found out that you can place a glass bowl in it to make one large batch. I don't think that's what it's intended for but hey, it makes sense.

First step was to heat my milk to 180 degrees. It said 42oz of milk, so that's what I used.

Then put the pan of hot milk into a cold water bath to bring down the temp to 110 degrees.

In a separate bowl, put 6oz of store-bought plain yogurt as a starter and mix it with 2 cups of the lukewarm milk.

Pour the yogurt/milk mixture back into the pan of lukewarm milk and whisk together.

Then fill each cup with the milk. I ended up with 1 cup of milk leftover. So next time, I'll use 8oz less milk. I turned it to 7 hours and put the lid on. And went to bed...I didn't think it through before I started on this batch that this would have the batch ready at 1am. I got up at 1am and unplugged the machine and put the jars in the fridge.

But I woke up this morning to 7 little jars of homemade yogurt! I mixed mine with a little honey and it was delicious! It wasn't as thick as I imagined it would be and reading more about it, I found out that homemade yogurt is not as thick as store-bought. Store-bought adds gelatin to theirs to make it thicker. I can do things to make it thicken up more, but really, I enjoy it like this. It's exactly the consistency for good fruit and granola parfaits.

I'll be doing this again but I'll be using my crock-pot to make it, for those who don't want to buy a dedicated machine. I'll let you know how that batch turns out.


Unknown said…
Crockpot yogurt is great! You should def try it.
Unknown said…
I just love yogurt,today I'm using my crock-pot to make a batch.So very excited,my machine was used earlier this week to make coffee favor.Still working on the cooking time,I added a little powered milk to thicken yogurt.Just having fun in the kitchen.

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