The Finished Quilt!

It recently occurred to me that I didn't post a finished picture of the Baby Memory Quilt I've been chronicling these past few weeks. So here it is! The finished product. Each square is a piece of a special baby outfit for my friend's little girl, Arianna. It includes dresses, onesies, shirts, pants, even a bunny hat! All clothes that mean something special to her parents. An outfit she wore in a favorite portrait, her first Christmas dress, her "coming home" outfit. I'm happy I was able to do this for her, it's something she'll pass down to Arianna and hopefully become a family treasure.

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Nichole said…
I think it is so awesome. If we weren't hoping to pass down our baby's clothes to a future baby, I would so buy one. Maybe one day!
I dig that! My mother-in-law made one for my oldest. I only used the very special clothes for hers. Like her Christmas dress...I wasn't going to feel right making my next one wear a hand-me-down Christmas dress, she deserved her very own. :)Just clothes that were so personal to my first that it would be weird seeing another baby wearing them. Those are the ones I used for her quilt.
marjorie said…
I kept a few pieces of baby clothes from both my boys and reused/passed on the rest. I don't know if I have enough to make a blanket out of, but I sure love this idea. It's beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

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