Marie's FIRST Birthday!!

This time last year, I had just delivered my precious little Marie. And by little, I mean, HUGE. At 9 pounds 9 ounces I was pretty sure I had birthed the biggest baby ever. It felt like it, at least. A good pound heavier than her sister was at birth a year and a half earlier. People will forever ask me how I create such large babies when I am, myself, rather thin. Beats me. I'm a moose-baby maker.

So yesterday we celebrated her 1st birthday. Parties are like my Superbowl. I live for this. I plan the menu out weeks in advance, trying new things with each party, decorating sooner than I probably need to. And of course, design a cake!

Marie is my "Hippie" baby. She's so relaxed and chill. Nothing upsets her. She rarely cries. She sleeps 15 hours at night, straight, and takes a long 3 hour nap on top of that! She loves to snuggle and laugh and suck her thumb. She's pretty adorable, I have to say. So, when I came across an Owl/Butterfly Hippie theme party package, I nearly fainted. It was PERFECT for her personality. And her nursery was done in Owls and Lovebirds. I had to get it. And to keep with the Hippie theme, a subtle Tye-Dye Butterfly cake!

The other food included: Rainbow Fruit, Melon Balls, Smore's on a Stick, Veggie Plate, Creole-Injected Chicken, Spinach, and Avocado Puff-Pastry sandwiches with a Garlic-Cayenne Aioli, Fiesta Pinwheels with homemade salsa, and Crab-Cake stuffed mushrooms. Punch was a Cherry-Rainbow ice-cream float.

Tropical Storm Lee made landfall the morning of her party so it made getting to the party rather impossible for some guests. Leave it to me to plan a party during a tropical storm...

Those that did manage to get here seemed to enjoy everything! I had a pinata stuffed with candy and toys and little butterfly favors that my 2.5 year old helped me make.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Marie. Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy love you as big as the sky!


Karen said…
I love your cake especially the butterflies. It was really pretty. I have a question about the cake. How many people did it feed and what size is it? I have to make a cake for my niece's first birthday next month to feed 50 people and I have never made one that big before. I want to make sure we have enough but not a ton left over. There will be other food at the party.
This cake was a three tier, single layer, cake. I used a 10 inch, 8 inch, and 6 inch pan. It will probably feed 30-40 people. If you need to feed 50 people, I'd do a 10 inch round and a 6 inch round, double layer, two tier cake. The top of this cake was Marie's personal smash cake.
Unknown said…
I have just found your website (through Pinterest) and I have been on it for hours. I added your website to my Google Reader when I decided that this was definitely going to be a favorite of mine. I must say that I am in love with your recipes <3. However, when I came to this particular post I fell in love with something else... the face of Marie! She is absolutely adorable, which I am sure isn't a secret to you. Those eyes just make you want to squeeze her cheeks (lol) I am not a stalker or anything but I have decided that I want to come live with you! I am just kidding, but trying to make a point. Can't wait to get beyond your past posts and get caught up to now.

Love love love your website and that whole Freezer Meal thingie has me totally pumped! (lol)

Keep it up, Sista... you are appreciated!

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