My Kitchen

A fan recently asked me how I had my kitchen organized for productive freezer cooking and baking. So, I went through and took pictures for her and described my various "stations" I have designated in my kitchen. I LOVE kitchens and it's the first thing I look at when I'm in someones house. I thought it might be fun to put my kitchen out there for the masses if anyone needs some inspiration in that area. Also, my kitchen is in the process of being renovated and you can see the posts here, here, and here!

I'm rocking the newest trend of open shelves instead of upper cabinets and I love that about my kitchen. I like not having to open any doors when I need to grab a bowl or glass. I also like how my friends seem to know where everything is without having to ask me. Ha! Mmm, that's a Chicken Enchilada freezer meal on the stove, by the way.

To the right of my stove are my spice shelves and utensils. Grab and shake is my motto in the spice department. The three most used "spices" are on the counter to the right of the stove...olive oil, kosher salt (in a glass jar) and a pepper mill. Above my stove is my super cool magnetic knife holder (which conveniently holds my magnetic measuring spoons, too...genius!!) that my husband made me out of scrap cherry wood from his shop and hard-drive magnets from spare parts of computers he's worked on or built. He also put a few hangers for my trivets. To the left of the stove is my NEW food processor!! I <3 it so much, I can't even tell you. And above that, on the very top shelf, are my vintage mixing bowls.

And to the left of the sink, we have my "baking station" with my vintage KitchenAid mixer and glass containers of flour and sugar for quick and easy baking prep. Lots of bowls above it on the top shelf for mixing icing or what not.

On the other side of the kitchen is my "decorative shelves" where I display my more colorful dishes. I also keep my slow-cooker and microwave over there, out of the way, since they are self-sufficient appliances and don't need me standing over them while they do their thing. Also you'll see my gigantic freezer.

This is as much of my kitchen as I can fit in one picture. My girls have their own part of the kitchen, which contains their very own kitchen and dining table. My 2 year old routinely "cooks" her own food when I'm cooking mine. Today she made me "Honey Stew." Yum! Over the window, you'll notice my collection of cookbooks on a shelf and to the right of that is my pantry and fridge. The center island is where I do most of my chopping and kneading. Pots and pans are in the island cabinets and small appliances that don't get used routinely are stacked in the cabinets below the slow-cooker. Also, can you see the Key to the City and my cooking awards on the middle shelf above the toaster?


Marci said…
Will you come organize my kitchen for me? Pretty please with a cherry on top? And you can fill a freezer full for me while you are here :)

But seriously, LOVE your kitchen! When I finally have my own house, I'm going to organize it the way I really want it! Darn rental!
I LOVE to organize, so that would be fun for me!

And thanks! I love my kitchen, too. We've looked at other houses since we bought this one, just to see what's out there and I can't find a house with a kitchen that I'd like more. I think we might live here forever, thanks to this kitchen.
Anonymous said…
omygosh i stumbled upon your blogg and wow! i love your kitchen and pics

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