Eggs in a Jar and Toddler Bling

My daughter, June, is 2.5 years old. She loves to help me in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to make is scrambled eggs. This proves to be difficult for her and a bit messy for me. So I started letting her make scrambled eggs in a jar.

On the mornings we have eggs, I get a jar (I save EVERY glass jar I buy at the grocery store), I crack the eggs in it and add the seasonings and put the lid on tightly.

Then I let her go to town shaking the jar!

And we have scrambled eggs without the whisking and mess!

It goes right into the pan of melted homemade butter. Mmm...

She's also a very stylish little girl...behold the toddler bling:

She. Loves. Shoes. Anytime we go to the department store, she wants a new pair of shoes. She has 8 pairs of high heel dress up shoes and wears them around the house. She can walk PERFECTLY in heels...and she can even run in them. Oh dear.

Here's a picture of her. With a basketball shoved in her shirt. She's quite the comedian.

 And here's Marie's haircut (I trimmed her bangs...poor thing she couldn't see!)

And finally. How do you know when you've got a GOOD man?! When you call him up at work and tell him that you are having a rough day...with the baby teething and fussy and you feeling kinda moody and he comes home with THIS:

Your FAVORITE snack food and a King Sized chocolate bar! I LOVE's like he can read my mind. OoooEEEeeeOoooooo!!!!!


new fan of your blog! I totaly love all the homemade stuff and you inspire me to make a lot of stuff "handmade" I also love your freezer cooking!!!
Nichole said…
Are you going to melt down the chocolate and dip some jerky in?

Also, I LOVE this scrambled egg idea and I look forward to trying it one day with my daughter.
Esther Casper said…
What spices do you use for your scrambled eggs?
Esther- I use salt, pepper, and a pinch of dried parsley. =)
Michelle said…
So random but related question. I try to save every glass jar too, but get annoyed with the process of removing the sticker gunk off the outside. Do you have tip for removing this stuff?
Michelle- UGH! I know exactly what you mean! I use GooGone for removing stickers off my jars.

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