My Favorite Buttercream Cakes

These are my favorite buttercream iced cakes that I've done so far!

"Pina Colada cake"-Coconut cake, pineapple filling, coconut cream buttercream frosting, fruit garnish.

"Green and Pearls cake"-Coconut Cake with pineapple filling and vanilla buttercream.

"Fruit Basket cake"- Swiss Chocolate fudge cake, fudge filling, chocolate buttercream frosting and fruit garnish.

"Hoot Owl cake"- Vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream.

"Dinosaur cake"- Vanilla cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream.

"Chocolate Rosettes cake"- Chocolate cake, chocolate fudge filling, chocolate buttercream frosting with strawberries.

"Purple Primrose cake"- French vanilla cake, Bavarian cream filling, vanilla buttercream with royal icing flowers.


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