My Freezer January 4, 2012

Ha, I totally typed 2009 in the title, then changed it to 2011, then remembered it's 2012 now. Sheesh.

 Anyway, here's a photo of my restocked freezer for the month of January (and probably half of February). I'll be working on getting more freezer meal recipes, non-freezer recipes, drinks, crafts, homeschool, sewing, and other random stuff to you! So, keep coming back, and thanks for following me on Facebook! Please leave any questions for me on my wall, I'll try to answer them as best as I can.



Cynthia said…
What all is that? It looks very organized!
Well, let' see. Top shelf was raw cookie dough balls, muffins, waffles, cooked bacon, cooked turkey and ham for lunchmeat, and homemade bread. Second shelf was crockpot/single serve dinners like Cilantro-Lime chicken, BBQ chicken, pot roasts, blackberry pork tenderloin, fried chicken rolls, and Italian tenders. Third shelf was homemade pot pies, meatloaf, chicken bundles, lasagnas, enchiladas and spaghetti bakes. :)
Anonymous said…
Um. You. Are. Amazing. I think I just might be inspired to try this; at the very least I'm bookmarking your blog and will repeatedly drool over your lovely photos. Thanks for sharing your talents...your worth is far above rubies...
Denice said… glad i stumbled across this one....can't wait to try all this stuff. I think I am the blessed one :)
Anonymous said…
So happy i found your blog. I have been wanting to freezer plan forever but never tried. You have great recipes and today I am going to the grocery and going to try a few! Thanks!!

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