My Wedding Pillow

My husband and I were married, um...uhhhhh, almost 7 years ago. His mother is a gifted quilter and one of my most cherished memento's from our wedding (other than my husband and my wedding ring) is the quilted Wedding Pillow my mother-in-law made me.

She used the picture of my husband "Kissing his Bride" for the inspiration. She took different fabrics and used them to recreate that special moment on a pillow. From my short red hair, white skin, ivory dress, handmade crown veil, and even my bouquet.

I wanted to share the pillow with you in case some other talented quilters needs inspiration for a wedding gift.


toots said…
love this! love the veil.
Omi said…
This is beautiful!!! What a precious gift for you to receive from your mother-in-law.
Anonymous said…
what a precious keepsake!

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