Bible Devotionals for the Family

If you follow along on my Facebook page, you know that my family does daily Bible Studies and devotionals. I've gotten a few emails asking which books and Bibles we have so I thought I'd link them up for you.

My husband and I have the NIV New Women and NIV New Men's Devotional Bibles. It gives you a section to read everyday and at the end of each section is a short devotional. Then it gives you three questions to answer that help you apply what you read to your own life. They also have a Couple's Devotional Bible but we sometimes read independently from each other and I like how my Bible tackles issues that Christian women deal with and his is geared toward his issues as a Christian man. We each read our own Bibles in bed, answer our questions in a notebook and then exchange books to read each others answers. Then we discuss what we read and offer advice or just talk about issues and support each other.

Our oldest daughter just turned three and she has her own devotional book called God and Me. Each day there is a story to read, a verse to learn, questions to answer, a prayer, and an activity to do. We start by reciting the verse for the day, then we find the verse in her Precious Moments Bible and underline it. She loves the stories and especially the activity. Then we follow up our Bible Study with some coloring pages from Biblical coloring books. This child's devotional is one in a series of books dedicated to young children on up to teens.

On Sunday nights, after the girls go to bed, my husband and I like to listen to a sermon before bed. We really love Paul Washer's sermons (we burned them on a CD and listen to them and my husband listens to them in his truck on his way to work). He's powerful and his sermons really convict you. My husband and I are routinely crying after one of this sermons and spend several hours after just talking to each other about things we can change or make better. It's really a powerful bonding moment for us and keeps our priorities in check. You can find his sermons here.

I hope this helps you if you were looking to get more into the Word of God!


Mama2Rusty said…
That's a great thing- having a husband that's willing to be the spiritual leader in your home. You're very blessed, not every home has that. My son's dad wasn't willing to change his heart, even though I'm sure God spoke to it, so he left us. I'm waiting on God to bring the "perfect-for-us" man into my life. Pray without ceasing!

Thank you for this.

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