June's 3rd Birthday

June's birthday party was supposed to be more grand than it turned out. I had an entire menu planned for 30 people but the day before her party, she came down with a bad cold. I cancelled her party out of respect for the other mothers and kids.

The party continued, only the guest list had changed. I still decorated the house and got up early to create her DREAM monster cake she picked out on Pinterest. The original can be found here. I used four 6-inch rounds of chocolate cake, filled with homemade caramel sauce, vanilla buttercream frosting (using the grass piping tip), the mouth is black and red felt that I just stuck on the icing, and the eyes are wooden discs I painted and then glued to wooden dowels.


We also served "Monster Potion" to our party guests. June loved it and it was really simple.

I used a small unsweetened pack of Koolaid (I used the blue/green color- not sure what flavor that was). I mixed it into four cups of water and poured it into ice cube trays. I stuck a gummy worm in a few cubes in each tray and froze them. For the party, put a few cubes in a clear plastic cup and pour Sprite over it. The cubes will melt and flavor the drink, turning it a wonderful green color...and what kid wouldn't like gummy worms hanging out of their drink?

June got a LeapPad for her birthday, which she loves. And her favorite character from her favorite movie: Pascal from Tangled. She carries him on her shoulder like Rapunzel does in the movie.


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