Tambourines (Kid Craft)

I try to do at least one craft a day with June. I figured I'd start posting our crafts in case someone needed inspiration in that area.

Today, we made tambourines and marched around outside with them. They are simple to make and the girl's loved them.


2 paper plates
A few small rocks or beans
Markers and ribbon to decorate


First, decorate the two paper plates with markers.

Next, turn one of the paper plates over and put a few beans (or rocks) on it.

Then, place the other paper plate on top, and using a plastic needle , sew the plate shut around the edge with the yarn (or punch holes around the plate with a sharp pencil or with a hole punch).

Decorate with ribbon to finish it off and let them go at it...until you can't stand it anymore and you hide the tambourine and hope they forget about it. I wouldn't know anything about that...I'd NEVER do that...


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