Kitchen Renovation Step 1

We are just beginning our kitchen renovation. New sink, faucet, counters, and a bit of detail work. The first step was to paint the window frames. When we bought the house, the kitchen was all dark wood with an awful green color on the wall like looked like baby poo in certain light.

We got rid of the dark wood look by painting EVERYTHING white and putting a pale yellow on the walls.

For some reason, we didn't paint the window frames white. I don't know why, we just never thought about it. So the first step in our kitchen renovation was painting the window frames. I think it looks a lot cleaner already!

Next step will be installing the new white cast-iron apron sink and the new faucet. Then we will install the new countertops. Check out Step 2 and Step 3 of our kitchen renovation!


Faith said…
I like the before pics! So cute!
Faith said…
Well, I should say when its yellow...not the green. :0)
Anonymous said…
Was painting th cabinets difficult?
April said…
Could you give me the paint color number or name yellow.
April- Sure! It's "Oatlands Yellow" by Valspar. It's number 3004-6b. =D
April said…
Thank you so much! does this really look yellow in person, I am looking for a yellow and it does in the pics but looking online the color looks different? I need it for my bedroom. I love yellow and need it again in my life:-)

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