March 3rd Freezer Cooking Class Recap

Our first freezer cooking class was a success this morning! I think 6 people were participating during the live chat but I know several that were waiting on this blog post. I thought it would be easiest to just screen shot each status so you can see the progression and comments from the participants.

First meal was the Pot Roast and Vegetables:

Second meal was the BBQ Chicken:

Third meal was Cheesy Chicken Breasts:

Forth meal was Meatballs:

Fifth and final meal was Ranch-Turkey Burgers:

I hope you find this recap of the Freezer Cooking live chat/class! I hope to do this again, so keep checking back on my page for dates and grocery lists!


Anonymous said…
This is fantastic!! Thank you!!
Q: when you thaw the chicken and meat balls, they aren't covered?
I typically cover them in saran wrap while they defrost. Keeps them from smelling up my fridge. =)
bethm9 said…
I just recently came across this blog. You are truly a genious! I hate coming home from work and spending forever preparing dinner. We usually end up with simple meals so they don't take too long. My new plan however is to read up on your blog and freeze our meals for the month of April. It will definitely mean more quality time with my husband. Thank your for sharing!
Anonymous said…
when placing meatballs to freeze, do they need to be covered with maybe foil? thanks

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