Kitchen Renovation Step 3

Check out Step 1 and Step 2 of our kitchen renovation! 
The next step in the renovation is the new countertops. Ekkkk!!! I'm ridiculously excited! The old countertops were just plywood with Formica and an unattractive wood molding nailed around it. 
We removed the molding which left a white strip of wall that needed to be painted before they could install the new countertops.

It was pretty gross when we removed the molding from behind the sink, as it wasn't sealed so all kinds of horrors were growing beneath it.

A lot of disinfecting, sanding, and painting later...

I thought it looked much better already.

The installers came and created a template of my countertops so they could go back and cut my material.

Then the fun part!! Installation day! 

Everything is cleared off, faucet is removed, all is well while we wait for the installers to get here.

We decided on the LG Viatera® Quartz in "Kilauea." I immediately loved the chocolate and toffee tones and thought it would really pop with my white cabinets and yellow walls.

The old counters came up so quickly, I didn't even get a picture. The Quartz went in nice and easy, I do have one seam, so this picture is of the sealer machine, doing it's thing while the installers ate lunch. It's basically bonding the two pieces that it's all done, I had a hard time seeing the seam, and I even knew exactly where it was. It came out GREAT! 

A little silicon beading around the edges and the sink, then three holes drilled for the faucet.

These installers were real pros. They did a fantastic job and they left my kitchen as clean as it was when they got there. 

It's all done! We have to wait for the silicon to set up before we do anything, especially the seal around the sink. I LOVE IT! It's fantastic, it's beautiful! 

We went through Lowe's and the installers were contracted out by them. It was a PLEASURE to deal with Lowe's. We even had a miscalculation on our bill which would have been an extra 500 dollars to pay on our end. Lowes took care of everything and did not hold us responsible for those extra costs which is UNHEARD of!! We were totally ready to write a check to cover the mistake...we are honest people and we don't want anyone getting in trouble or not getting paid what they are entitled, but they refused to let us pay anymore than we already had. I will DEFINITELY encourage people to use Lowe's for their renovation projects in the future. They were great to deal with.

The next step is buying and installing the Black Walnut butcher block countertop on the island and then a glass tile backsplash all the way up to the first shelf above the Quartz countertops. 

Step 4 is happening soon. Next on the list is installing some double ovens and the new butcher block island top!


Unknown said…
Looks Great! I bet you are super stoked. Our kitchen is my next project.
Your countertops are beautiful. :)
Anonymous said…
I love the wall color, do you mind sharing the paint color? Thanks.
Sure! It's "Oatlands Yellow" by Valspar. It's number 3004-6b. =D
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the paint color! Your kitchen looks wonderful :-D
Anonymous said… your countertops! You have had them for a few months now and I have to ask if you still love them as much now as you did when they were first installed? I am thinking of Viatera "Bourbon" for our remodel and would like to hear how yours are holding up. Thanks!
YES! I still love them. Just as beautiful as the day they installed them. My "ONLY" complaint if you can call it that, is that they hide dirt and food so well. Sometimes they look spotless and if you run a paper towel over them, you'll find a mess hidden amongst the pattern. So, they look clean even when they are dirty is all I've got to complain about. LOL!
April said…
It was like you are in my head, that's how I picture my kitchen and BTW I live 1950 dress's. I use to gave a yellow kitchen but alas its now green but brite and happy. I love live the sink my dream and the open shelves yes I want those too! And I do home school too!
Unknown said…
Hi, great pictures and blog! I have the exact same countertops with a 3" backsplash and about an additional backsplash up to my cabinets of light beige/green 3"x6" glass subway tile (staggered joint). I was just curious if you have made any more progress in your kitchen? I am thinking of painting my current oak-colored cabinets either white or espresso, I can't decide yet. I am also trying to find an island solution. My kitchen is kind of a weird floor plan, I have an open doorway separating my Fridge and a cabinet from the rest of my kitchen. Anyway, your kitchen looks fab! Thank you so much for sharing!

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