"Sofia the First" Princess Day!

We are big fans of Disney Juniors "Sofia the First." Yes, we...I'm actually guilty of watching the new episode while the girls nap. Of course, my girls love princesses in general, so this show was an easy sale.

To celebrate a new episode, I planned a day of fun princess crafts and activities. Here's what we did!

Fan, Crown, and Bracelet Decorating

I took some white card-stock and traced around a large mixing bowl. Then used a glass to trace a small circle, making a fan shape.

Then I used the glass to make three half-circles on another sheet of cardstock, making the front of the crown. I used cut another strip of card-stock to make the back and taped the pieces together.

Then I let June decorate her fan, crown, and bracelet as she saw fit. She drew roses because that's what the princesses did on the "Royal Sleepover" episode. =)

We changed into some princess gowns and did a little waltzing with our new accessories on!

I even made myself a crown and fan. I was "Queen Mommy" and the girls curtsied to me and called me "Your Majesty." It was too cute. Anytime I spoke to them, I referred to them as "Princess Amber" and "Princess Sofia."

Royal Tea Party

For lunch, we had a royal tea party. I broke out the tablecloth, my vintage china, and some tea party foods. 

A teapot of Chocolate Milk was a big hit at the party.I used the girl's plastic tea party tower tray for the food.

Flower cupcakes, peanut butter-banana-honey tea sandwiches, and grapes.

After lunch was nap time but once they girls woke up, we watched Cinderella together and ate Kettle Corn. The girls loved it.

June still carries around her fan and wears her crown all day long. She's made a few more since this and now refers to them as her "collection" of crowns. =)



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Amber H said…
This is sweet! Its amazing how the simplest things to adults make great memories for the kids.

I wish I had a daughter. I'd SO do this!

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