Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

My girls love butterflies...as do most little girls. But seeing that it's Winter, we don't see a lot of them. Every morning, I let June choose a theme for the day, and we do crafts, activities, and themed lunches around that theme. This morning was butterflies. This craft was easy and cheap and kept them occupied for a good hour.

Tissue Paper Butterflies


Tissue paper cut into rectangles (I cut a big sheet in quarters)

How to Assemble:

Gather each tissue paper rectangle in the center and tie with yarn. Fluff the wings a bit and you're done!

Then just hold them up and let them go! You can even toss them for some height and let the kids chase and catch them. Make smaller butterflies and use a net to catch them.


that looks like fun. Something that will make the children feel like it's summer already.. :)

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