A&E Sponsored Duck Dynasty Party!

If you live in Louisiana...or the South...or pretty much anywhere nowadays, you've probably heard of Duck Dynasty which airs on A&E. The show is based in West Monroe, Louisiana (which is north of me) and it follows the redneck adventures of the Robertson Family. I can call them rednecks because I am one. =) They run a multi-million dollar Duck Call business but yet somehow manage to stay down to earth. They are Christians and each show wraps up with them at the dinner table, blessing the food. It's a good clean show with no worries about language or content, so even our 4 year old can watch it.

Season 3 started last night and to celebrate, my friend The Coupon Queen threw a Duck Dynasty premier party! Here are some of the highlights.

We got our party pack from Houseparty.com. They offer party packs and we were one of only 1000 people to receive the Duck Dynasty party pack. Woot!

She catered the party with delicacies like Gumbo, Boudin, a homemade Praline King Cake, Camo cupcakes decorated with ducks, and lots of sweet tea!

Dress code was camo (of course) but in this area, most people have deer hunting camo, but hey, it worked.

We really enjoyed the masks and beards that came in the party pack.

And we honed our duck hunting skills with nerf guns and targets we taped up around her house!

All in all, we had a blast! This kind of party is right up our alley...might even revisit some of these ideas for my daughters birthday this year. I even got "liked" by the OFFICIAL Duck Dynasty Instagram account. I was so excited!!

Every one was HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, JACK!


Brooke said…
Ha Ha thats great! I love that show too! Thats great that they like your photo! =)

mom of 4 said…
This is great where did you get the masks from
Unknown said…
The party looks great! My buddy is celebrating his birthday this month and I think I will have the same party before our flight to Nicaragua for a duck hunting trip.


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