Daddy/Daughter Mailboxes

While shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I found some cute paper mailboxes in the Valentine's Day trinket baskets. I think it was 1 dollar and the kit made two mailboxes. I thought they were just too cute so I brought them home, determined to find something to do with them. Target also had little tin mailboxes in the same area...pretty sure they were 3 dollars each or something close to that.

Say hello to our Daddy/Daughter Mailboxes!

Each morning, before my husband leaves for work, he scribbles a sweet message on an index card and puts one in each of the girls' mailboxes.

The girls wake up and immediately run to check the mail and see what Daddy has left for them. Today he left notes AND Little Debbie cupcakes. The girls were beyond thrilled.

Then throughout the day, the girls draw and write notes to their Daddy and put them in the mailboxes for him to enjoy when he gets home.

The looks on their (all three of them) faces was worth more than 1 dollar, I can tell you that right now.


Annie Jeffries said…
This is such a sweet idea. I hope lots of people pick up on it and share the love with their children.
Brandi said…
Such a great idea! I think I'll look up how to make these and have my boys make one for art lesson in homeschool and a way for my husband and me to connect with our children. Absolutely brilliant!

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