The Chore Store

I posted the other day on my Facebook page that my children were fighting over who got to sweep the kitchen. I received lots of comments asking how I made my kids love chores so much. Well, here's my secret. 

The Chore Store

Every few months, I hit the Dollar Tree and stock up on toys, puzzles, snacks, and stationary. I fill a pretty basket with the goodies and display it on the homeschool shelf.

My girls are 5 and almost 4 years old. They don't have the longest attention span when it comes to saving up chore points for a toy. So, the turn around rate is pretty short. They get a new toy every 4 days on average. 15 chores fills their chore card with stickers and gets them one prize from the basket.

Their chores include:

Brushing their hair.
Making their bed first thing in the morning.
Bringing their dishes to the sink after every meal.
Doing their homeschool lesson.
Cleaning the living room and their bedroom at the end of the day.
I sometimes grant an extra chore credit (like I did the day June offered to sweep the kitchen).

It only counts when they offer or do the chore without a reminder from me, so sometimes they don't get credit. I want them to learn to do their chores without constant nagging from me. Waiting until I have to remind them doesn't happen very much anymore with this rule in place.


Unknown said…
That is an awesome idea. Not too expensive either. I wonder if it would work with the 16 and 21 year olds. lol

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