Buddy Burner Outdoor Cooking

There is nothing like the great outdoors, especially when you are camping.  Here is a clever and easy way to cook outdoors with supplies you probably have lying around the house.

What you need: 
    - 1 large empty clean can, gallon size 
    - 1 empty, cleaned tuna can 
    - cardboard strips, just wider than the height of the tuna can 
    - church key can opener, the ones used for cans of juice (makes triangle openings) 
    - good scissors
    - paraffin wax or unscented candles - melted


    1. With tin snips, cut door in can on open end. 
    2. With church key can opener, punch vent holes along the top of can 
    3. Spiral cardboard strips into tuna can 
    4. Pour melted wax into tuna can

Light the cardboard from the center and wait until the candle has a good fire.

Find a cutie and let them help you cook outdoors. We cooked cheeseburgers. However we have done pancakes with this method as well. 

Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmm.

Blessings ~ Chrissy


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