My Three Favorite Must-Have Kid Products!

Over the past 6 years as a mother, I've found a handful of products that I rave about to other parents. I thought I'd share them with you! You may not even know these things exist, but I consider them MUST-HAVES!

Number One

This amazing product has been a life-changer. My kids have always been great sleepers. Getting them down is never an issue, they go to bed willingly and without a fight. The part they needed work on was knowing what time was acceptable for them to get up in the morning. 

Think about it, you can't tell time as a kid, so when you naturally wake up, how do you know if it's okay to get up or if you should roll over and go back to sleep? My kids would peek out the window and if the sun was up, so were they! At 5:24am! Yeah. And sometimes, I'd have the feeling of little eyes peering at me from the depths of the darkness in my bedroom, at 3:45am, "Is it time to get up?" "NO." 

So while researching ways to teach my kids to stay in bed later in the morning, I came across THIS clock. It sounded amazing. An adorable owl nightlight that you can make one of three colors: pink, yellow, or blue. You set it's timer for whatever time you'd like them to get up (in my case, 8:00am) and every morning at that time, it will turn green. It will stay green for 30 minutes...this is their cue for getting up! 

It took a bit of training to make them understand that unless their clock was green, they were to stay in their beds and try to keep sleeping. It's been almost 3 years now, and my kids are completely sold on the clock. They DO NOT get up before 8:00am, unless I go in there and give them permission (like on Sundays for church). No more early wake-ups, no more cranky kids who needed a few extra hours of sleep that morning. If you buy nothing else on this list, buy this one. Seriously, everyone will be happier for it.

Number Two

Now this, I saw online, probably on Facebook. It's genius. A fitted sheet and soft comforter that are attached, like a SLEEPING BAG for their beds. No comforter hanging off the side of the bed, no kicking and flopping the sheets off during the night, no more messy beds. AND it's easy for kids to zip-up in the morning for organzied and made beds.

I hated traditional sheets and comforters in their room. Marie rocks herself to sleep at night and constantly falls out of bed or rocks the bedding right off the mattress. June flops back and forth at night and always woke up tangled and cold. This bedding comes in TONS of designs and some even glow in the dark. The comforter is reversible, too! At night, we zip them up, and they stay covered all night. Then in the morning, they zip it up all the way, and it's an instantly made bed! This is a great product for bunk beds and trundles, too. Easy to remove, wash, and sheets to lose!

Number Three

Having two girls can be tricky sometimes. Too many baths can be physically irritating for them. Especially sitting in soapy water for too long. We decided to forego the daily bath and have them take showers instead. This proved to be quite a challenge. We only have one shower in the house and my husband is over 6 feet tall. Showers became stressful for us and the girls. They don't like getting water or soap in their eyes so we began looking for a way we could bring the spray down to their level. A hand shower attachment seemed the answer until we found THIS guy. He was stationary and cute! With just a click, we could move the stream from the normal shower head to their own. The girls beg to take their shower now, no more water in the eyes.

So these are my three must haves for kids. Do you have another product you consider a must have? Share it below with the rest of us!


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