Nothing beats homemade Ice-Cream...

So we just put the girls to bed for the night (yippee!!) and I'm enjoying a bowl of homemade ice-cream. How lucky am I, right? And now you're thinking, "Oh, she has an ice-cream machine...good for her...I HATE YOU VIRTUOUS WIFE!!"

BUT WAIT! I don't have an ice-cream machine!! I made homemade ice-cream in 4 easy steps WITHOUT a machine!! YES, IT'S TRUE!!

Thanks to 50's Housewife on Facebook, I was introduced to Kevin and Amanda's recipe for homemade ice-cream without a machine. Which comes in pretty handy, since I, ya know, DON'T HAVE ONE. Here's how it works. The base for your ice-cream is 2 cups of heavy whipping cream and one can of Sweetened Condensed Milk. The rest is up to you...I decided to make a batch of Lemon Icebox Pie ice-cream (my fav!) and a batch of Apple Pie ice-cream (Hubby's fav!).

Here's how I did it:

Homemade Lemon Icebox Pie ice-cream WITHOUT a Machine

For the Lemon Icebox pie ice-cream. I added 1tsp lemon extract, 3tbs melted butter, and 1/2 cup of graham cracker crumbs to the base recipe.

Step 1

Beat the cold heavy cream (2 cups) in your stand mixer or with electric beaters or by hand if you are so inclined until stiff peaks form. Basically it will be thick whipped cream.

Step 2

In a separate bowl, combine the condensed milk and your flavor ingredients. In this case, the lemon extract, melted butter, and graham cracker crumbs. Stir to combine.

Step 3

Fold the whipped cream and flavored condensed milk together gently so you don't deflate the whipped cream.

Step 4

Pour into a Tupperware or Ziploc storage container and freeze. Done. Seriously, that's it.

Here's June bursting with excitement when I showed her our "treat" for the night. It's usually a slice of 15-grain bread with a bit of Nutella on it. She was pleasantly surprised.

The next recipe was done a little differently. For the Apple Pie ice-cream, I used 1 small apple, 2Tbs sugar, 2Tbs brown sugar, 1tsp vanilla extract, and 3Tbs butter.

Homemade Apple Pie ice-cream WITHOUT a Machine

Step 1

Chop the apples into small chunks. Throw in a pot with the sugars, vanilla, and butter. Cook over a medium heat until bubbly and thick. Remove from heat, chill in the fridge. While it's chilling, beat your heavy cream until stiff peaks form, put in fridge until the apples are ready to go.

Step 2

Once the apples are chilled, mix in the can of evaporated milk.

Step 3

Fold in with the whipped cream, pour in Tupperware or Ziploc container and freeze.

And there you have it. Two batches of homemade ice-cream and no ice-cream machine was required.

This is a dangerous concept, no?


lori1984 said…
yummy!! i will have to try these!!
50's Housewife said…
Mmmmmmm, our Lemon Icebox Pie ice-cream is in the freezer now. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be ready for a midnight snack lol. The boys fought over licking the bowl clean (it's the best part of being a child). I of course, made sure I had a taste of it before they attacked the bowl. My mouth is drooling as I wait for the freezer to hurry up and do it's job!
Haha! Lemon Icebox Pie is my FAVORITE ever. Blue Bell makes it but it's a seasonal flavor and I NEVER see it. Maybe next time, I'll use crushed graham crackers so it's chunkier. I let June lick the spoon, too. She accepted the job without hesitation.
50's Housewife said…
Lol, I let my boys do the graham cracker crushing. Just placed 3 in a ziplock and they went to town beating it with their fists (perfect job for 9 and 12 year old boys). It sounded like there was a UFC match going on in my kitchen haha.

We are HUGE Blue Bell fans. Nothing better than an ice cream from TX (home for us, just displaced for a while)!! But, I have to admit, I have not had their Lemon Icebox Pie. I'm disappointed in myself :( LOL
I've only found it once. I loved when Cracker Barrel sold Lemon Icebox Pie's in their restaurants (I used to work there) and I was given the recipe on the down-low...and lost it. It wasn't until Blue Bell's ice cream flavor that my love was rediscovered. And then, of course, I never saw that flavor again in stores. Sigh.
50's Housewife said…
How would you say this ice cream compares to the Cracker Barrel pie and Blue Bell ice cream?
I think Cracker Barrels pie is my all time favorite version and Blue Bell is second. This has the flavor of it, but not the texture. Blue Bell had lemon ice cream swirled with frozen cool-whip and chunks of graham cracker pie crust in it. Its wonderful.
Anonymous said…
How would you make this in Chocoolate? Just add Hershey Syrup or vanilla w/ choco chips?
I'd probably do the chocolate syrup, like 1/2 cup. I'm also wanting to try (and will be this week) to make some chocolate ganache and swirl it into the ice cream. OMGosh!
Megan Robbins Vidrine said…
I'm headed to the store now b/c this is AWESOME!!! I wanna make some banana ice cream for my hubby but I don't know if I should use ripe bananas or banana extract??? What do u think???
I would probably use both! Extract to give it a good banana flavor and ripe bananas so you get banana in every bite! Mmm...I might do this, too, but with crushed Vanilla Wafer cookies like Banana Pudding icecream!
Megan Robbins Vidrine said…
Yum!!! Sounds good, thank u : )

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