Rainy Days

The past few days have been rainy down here in Louisiana. I LOVE rainy days. I'm a homebody and I enjoy being at home with my girls, listening to the rain outside, and doing fun, indoor crafts and activities. Usually...

But lately I've noticed my kids getting kinda antsy and I think a bit of Cabin Fever has set in. We haven't been able to go outside and play in over a week due to the rain and/or the gigantic mosquitoes that have come in from the marsh. I can't go to the mailbox without getting carried away.

But today, I had to get them outside, even for a little while. We spent the afternoon playing in the rain and jumping in puddles.

We also love starting little traditions with our girls. One tradition we already put into practice is the "Give a Stranger a Flower" tradition. June actually invented it. Every time we go to the grocery store together, June picks a single rose from the flower shop (they are only 2 bucks) and when we leave with our groceries, she chooses someone in the parking lot to give it to. She typically chooses women and almost always, they are getting into their car in the handicap spot. The looks on these women's faces are priceless. And June LOVES making people smile.

A new tradition started today.

June really loves balloons. Anytime her Mawmaw takes her for the day, June always comes home with balloons. Usually, they sit in the house until they get popped or lose enough air to be deemed useless. But we now have a new use for them. Again...June just wanted to make someone smile.

We wrote a note which included her first name, a sweet little prayer to the person who finds it, and my email address. We put the note in a baggy and tied it to the balloons. We went outside and released them. June is very excited to see if someone responds to her Prayer Balloons.

I think we will do this with each helium-filled balloon June receives. It really is magical to watch that balloon float higher and higher, knowing that whoever finds it will really appreciate the note it carries with it.


I love your little traditions! I may start doing the flower one with my kids...they'd like that. The balloon one is fun, too. It'll be interesting to see where it ends up. Keep us posted! :)
Angie said…
I love your blog and your facebook posts!!! You are and inspiration to me!! I have 7 amazing children and I am learning alot from your blog that will make wonderful memories and save me money!!! lol Thank you for taking the time to do your blogging!! Feel free to follow my blog although I havent put much into it yet!!!

Thank you! I'll keep y'all posted for sure!

And I can't imagine having 7 children!! I should be taking lessons from you!
Anonymous said…
I just discovered you...I'm in Louisiana too and I also just LOVE rain. I love your sweet family traditions. The one with the flower is so thoughtful; you are obviously doing a wonderful job parenting your children. God bless you.
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to let you know that My husband, kids and I used to help rescue dolphins and whales when we lived in St. Augustine on the beach and so many times the rescue center Vet has pulled balloons or plastic out of the dolphins or whales stomach which caused a blockage. I am not trying to upset you just informing you of something you may not be aware of. As of a result of releasing ballons many wildlife animals get tangled up in them or ocean mammals ingest them thinking they are jellyfish. Thank you and wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Peace!

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